• Songlong Waterfall

    Songlong Waterfall

    The natural cave beside the waterfall is called “Songlong Rock.”
    The main body is made of sand rock created by thermal expansion and contraction, weathering, and erosion.
    The ceiling yields hanging stalactites.

  • 99 Suspension Bridge

    99 Suspension Bridge

    99 Suspension Bridge is across the Jiazouliao Xi to Tian-ti Yen an important junction,
    but also watch the Songlong Rock Waterfall a great place.

  • Rhododendron Forest

    Rhododendron Forest

    In the 1960s, Rhododendron Forest was originally mixed with both coniferous and broad-leaf forests.
    Because of the lumbering policies at that time, red cypress trees, because of their higher economic value, were the major timber targets.

  • Longlin Waterfall

    Longlin Waterfall

    The natural rock caves beside the waterfall are where swallows used to nest.
    The environment is so quiet that the swallows seem to practice Buddhism here, so it was called “swallow abbey.”

  • Flower Center

    Flower Center

    In 1991, the members of the Chinese Medicine Council of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Executive Yuan visited Sun-Link-Sea.

  • Peony Garden

    Peony Garden

    Sun-Link-Sea is located in the temperate climate of altitude conditions, suitable for cultivation peony,
    the introduction of cultivation in 74 years, the current total of about 20,000 plants each year from February to May in full bloom,
    but if the rain will cause peony petals wither early,
    ​so construction with lighting and can shelter greenhouse Florist for peony flower show, its space named "Garden."

  • Chinglong Waterfall

    Chinglong Waterfall

    Headward erosion is caused by geographical changes over time.
    As the slope of the stream bed becomes steeper and the flow accelerates, the force of erosion gets stronger.

  • Shyrjing Ji

    Shyrjing Ji

    The pothole terrain is a common geographical feature along the upper stream.
    The flow of water carries stones rolling down the stream.

  • Ancient Taiwan Red Cypress

    Ancient Taiwan Red Cypress

    Taiwan Cypress and Taiwan Red Cypress are both species of the cypress tree.
    They are tall, with a strong and delicate structure, beautiful grain and color, high decay resistance, with a fragrant and soft texture.
    The mid-elevation area of Taiwan has the island’s highest level of moisture.

  • Tian-ti Yen

    Tian-ti Yen

    In his Song of the Spirit of Righteousness, Wen Tian Xiang says,
    “In the world there is the spirit of righteousness, taking many forms, bestowed on ever-changing things.
    Below they are the rivers and mountains; above they are the sun and stars.
    With people it is called the spirit of honor and fearlessness, so vast it fills the universe.”

  • Matchmakers Statue

    Matchmakers Statue

    Legend of the "Matchmakers Statue" is in charge of the marriage of God.
    The cedar Creek made the natural beauty of the site Longzhu Mountain, God is given the spirit of building kiosks!

  • 88 Suspension Bridge

    88 Suspension Bridge

    Republic of China 88 years 921 earthquake hit Hsi-tou,
    then the industry here and the renovation of the bridge put the name "eighty-eight drawbridge."

  • The Land God’s Temple

    The Land God’s Temple

    Crawford temple in 24 years, Deer Valley folks Mr. Lin Zhichan built in this police station before,
    during experienced landslides, flooding, fire, continue to show signs bless tourists resident here dealings.

  • 98 Red Bridge

    98 Red Bridge

    Is located in the medicine garden side, across the stream link flower center and Chunlin Trail.
    After flowers in the Flower Center,you can walk through the bridge along the path along the forest about 50 minutes walk back to the tourist service center.

  • Ancestor Tunnel

    Ancestor Tunnel

    Walk upward from the Songlong Waterfall, along the Tianyen Trail,
    and through the tunnel, and you will feel like you’re entering a refreshingly different world.
    Suddenly you will see mountain ranges, lush forests, white clouds, clean streams in which fish swim,
    and huge rocks on which birds chirp. This paradise-like scenery comes through the eyes, and soothes your spirit.
    Our ancestors dug this tunnel to transport timber using wooden horses.

  • Energy House

    Energy House

    In the borderless universe, energy is everywhere, but hard to get hold of.
    For human beings, energy means vitality and liveliness.
    Getting exposed to nature is the healthiest way to complement human energy.

  • Chin-Tian–Pi-Di (Lift up Heaven and Split Land)

    Chin-Tian–Pi-Di (Lift up Heaven and Split Land)

    At 1:47 on September 21, 1999, a major earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter Scale occurred.
    The epicenter was in Nantou County.
    The rupture belt caused damage as far as 80 km away, with Central Taiwan the most seriously affected area.

  • Pier


    The Jia Zou Liao Stream flows through the resort.
    A dam built downstream forms an area as long as 1 km called the “Sun-Link-Sea Lake.”
    The crystal clear waters reflect blue sky and white clouds on sunny days, and the lake is covered with mist on cloudy days.

  • Shiandhsin Valley

    Shiandhsin Valley

    This place was originally named “Feng-Kung-Tsai”(Wind hole);
    Viewing from a high place, visitors he mountaintop roll up the sea of clouds, just like cotton and snowballs;
    they sometimes change in shape and sometimes become elegant and clear,
    ​This is also the best location to appreciate the rosy cloud sunset.

  • Wangyou Forest

    Wangyou Forest

    Nantou beautiful scenery for many tourists away, one of the most mysterious and stunning than the "lotus forest."
    Lotus original forest is located in a primeval forest Hsitou next after the 921 earthquake blocked rivers due to the formation of swamps,
    towering into the sky and fir willow base is also due to the long-term flood damage and necrosis,
    actually form a special landscape, attracting many tourists and photography admiring fans.

  • Xitou Nature Education Area

    Xitou Nature Education Area

    Chitou Nature Park is surrounded by mountains valleys terrain, the highest elevation of the south Lingtou mountain,
    2,025 meters, which extends north of the Phoenix Mountains, constitute the area east JieShan edge;
    westward extension within the tree and mountains, and turned north, constitute the area south and west sides of the mountain ridge boundaries,
    and flows into the valley between two mountain ranges, from the north exit. The main scope of the average altitude between 800 to 2,000 meters.

  • The Monster Village

    The Monster Village

    Tou monster village with ancient legends.
    A Japanese man named Taiwan Lugu Dongding win a pine forest,
    the young man in this encounter two animals and feeding them, named Xiao Heixiong dry linen, Xiaoyun leopard named eight beans.
    One day, pine wins a monster met at work, on dry hemp and eight-threatening moments beans appeared and laid down his life to the rescue,
    and finally dry linen was missing. Since then, "Beware dry linen" slogan everywhere, so that the forest so the legend handed down.

  • Shuiyang Forest

    Shuiyang Forest

    "Shueiyang Forest" for the Xitou- Alishan Hiking section, due to the 921 earthquake and the formation of the barrier lake.
    About 1 km long, about 200m wide, the average depth of 7m, the deepest 16m.

  • Jinganshu mountain

    Jinganshu mountain

    Jinguashi mountain is 2,091 meters above sea level.
    By the theme hall visitors service center next to the forest road to the top of the mountain about 4,000m, from the slow pace of about 5 hours.

  • Lucyu mountain

    Lucyu mountain

    Lucyu mountain is 2,010 meters above sea level.
    Mountaineering at the Forest Hill Flower Center to the "Songlong Rock Road" next to the Kindness Pavilion,
    ​ from the Kindness Pavilion next to the road entrance to the top of the mountain about 4,000 meters, walking back and forth about 5 hours.

  • Rat


    Tianyen Trail (Advance Pavilion)

  • Ox


    Yuehsan Trail (Cypress Pavilion)

  • Tiger


    2th Youth Bridge (Kindness Pavilion)

  • Rabbit


    Chuanlin Trail (Pine Pavilion)

  • Dragon


    Yuehling Trail (Anew Pavilion)

  • Snake


    Chinglong Fern Trail (Wealthy Pavilion)

  • Horse


    Shyr-jing-ji Trail (Blessing Pavilion)

  • Goat


    Shyrjingji Trail/88 Suspension Bridge
    (Chau Pavilion)

  • Monkey


    Taiwan Rhododendron Forest Trail (Prosperity Pavilion)

  • ooster


    Taiwan Rhododendron Forest Trail
    (Safety Pavilion)

  • Dog


    Yenan Trail (River Pavilion)

  • Pig


    Chienshou Trail (Love Pavilion)